Boots for narrow feet

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Boots for narrow feet

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This is a two part question: what to buy and where to buy? My feet are somewhat narrow, so they tend to slide around a bit in a standard width (men's D width) boot. At present, I am making do with standard width, two pairs of heavy socks, and very tight laces, but it isn't really a satisfactory solution. Does anyone have any suggestions for boots that are available in narrow widths or, at least, tend to be on the narrow side? I'm looking for a boot over the ankles (not a low cut), with Gore-tex waterproofing, for general purpose hiking. The second part of the question is where to buy (in the Portland area) hiking boots from a knowledgeable salesperson with a good range of sizes and styles. My last experience in the REI shoe department was not good. The clerk seemed somewhat astonished that someone would even want narrow boots and seemed to think that her job description began and ended with carrying boxes from the back room.

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